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Our Purpose

To empower, educate and Inspire Parents to be self- advocate for themselves and their children.



We envision a future where our children and parents and community thrive. We are working for self-sufficiency for our community.


Bottom-up orientation, clarity and transparency.


Family engagement is a central pillar of the IFI mission. We recognize that parents play a pivotal role as their children's primary educators, and we are dedicated to cultivating strong relationships

to enhance each child's educational journey. Various avenues for parent participation include:

  • Parent Leadership Committee (PLC): Equitable parent leadership that shape our work plan and provide strategic direction for IFI

  • Collaborative and informational talks

  • Participation in Training, Support, and advocacy events

  • Volunteering Opportunities

  • And much more awaits as we strive to create a collaborative and supportive educational community.

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