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The Focus of Inspire Family Institutes Efforts

Services 1

Strengthen families through the provision of comprehensive and family-centered services

  • Recognize and respect one family's knowledge and expertise by sharing mutual respect and truly value each person's experience and perspective to our work. 

  • Share information through two-way communication because we know each community member brings knowledge and value, and their opinion and feedback are equally important to us. 

  • Acknowledges and respects diversity. Each family is recognized, appreciated, and included. Acknowledging diversity involves learning about each family and each child. Our respect for diversity means being able to honor ways of being and doing things different from our own. We believe learning to respect diversity is a journey that includes self-reflection, self-acknowledgment, and genuinely learning from others. 

  • Create a network of support: A network of support broadens the pool of assets and family connections and provides the family with a wide range of resources.

  • We provide resources, training to promote understanding and strive towards self-sufficiency. 

  • We empower families by bringing in individuals who are experts in their fields.

Encourage self-sufficiency and economic independence through financial literacy training, skill-building and employment, adult education, and advocacy.

Seevices 2
Services 3

Create family-centered coaching and empowerment services through directly working with families on their unique and specific needs.

  • We use Family-Centered Coaching to bring family strength, motivation, and support into the coaching conversation to set goals. 

  •  Our family-Centered Coaching integrates case management into a practice of service that centers on the whole family. 

  • We recognize that equity is integral to the process. We understand the barriers, stress, and trauma that racism and poverty have on families' lives, we want to fully understand the context of each family life and ways we can provide support

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