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Our Staff


Nasteha Muse

Chief Executive Office: who is principally responsible for leading all or part of an organization, although the
exact nature of the role varies depending on the organization.

Nasteha Muse, MBA, is passionate about family and community development. Nasteha, a mother of one incredible son, found her passion for community work after more than eight years of work experience with Head start, Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) and family child care in King County. Nasteha completed her BA in Public Health and Medical Anthropology from the University of Washington and her Master’s in Business Administration from Seattle University. Nasteha has
worked at many community health settings including Harborview medical center before starting her role as an Early Learning Health, Nutrition, and Safety coach at PSESD, where she developed her passion in working with families. Nasteha’s interest in comprehensive Community-based education and family empowerment started after she
noticed consistent gaps in knowledge in racial, ethnic minority, immigrant, and low-income families and children. Her mission for Inspire family institute is to provide comprehensive and equitable access so that families and children can thrive in their homes, schools and community.

Najmo Hamud

Chief Financial Office:  responsible for forecasting the organisation's financial standing based on financial and operational data and reports provided by the finance and accounting teams and advising the CEO and board on strategic direction.

Najmo, a mother of three amazing children, 2 boys and one girl. Who is a respiratory therapist and founder of WOW Fitness, grew up as the only girl in a family of cousins who were boys. Her cousins soon became her role models and inspired her to participate in sports and physical activity. She grew up as a tomboy who believed in living a fit & healthy lifestyle and that's what gave her an early edge in the fitness industry. She found out there were few fitness companies catering to women, so she decided to fill the gap by starting her own business and leverage this opportunity to help women by starting a women-only gym in Renton, Washington. What began as a hobby, has now turned into a successful business story! Her mission for inspire family institutes is to create and provide community based programs for women by women that ensure our community moves towards body positivity by achieving their fitness and nutrition goals and overcome all health programs. For the past three years and more Najmo has helped and worked
with more than 100 women and youth girls in the community to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit through regular exercise and by doing fun activities which bring sisterhood opportunities to outperform their fitness goals.

Ali Hussein

Ali Hussein Program Coordinator: Duties typically include assisting with grant planning and administration, fiscal, budgetary, and/or other associated transactions, program implementation and administration, internal and external operational/administrative liaison, program marketing, and reporting.


Ali Hussein aka Alinur who was born in Ethiopia and arrived to the USA as a refugee in 1991 at the age of 10 and lived in San Diego for 10 ten years. He moved to the Northwest Pacific in 2001 and graduated from Highline College in 2004 from the Respiratory Therapy program. He has worked in the profession for the last two decades nationally and internationally. He enjoys his career
and likes new challenges.


He previously worked as a caseworker for the International Rescue Committee primarily resettling refugees from East Africa to the USA and he was also a medical interpreter. He enjoys working with youth primarily focusing on education and sports activities.I am fluent in English, Somali and Oromo and understand Arabic and Swahili well. I enjoy spending time with my family and reading in my free time. His goal is to help our community develop for a better future.


Ali Mohamed

Operation Officer: Develop company policies, monitor compliance, and oversee projects and budgets. Their duties include realizing the company's business objectives by promoting efficiency, and increasing profitability.

Ali Mohamed was raised in Nairobi, Kenya his younger days where he grew up fast at a young age and was selling water at the age of 7 years old to start his entrepreneurial ways. His passion was always business and building platforms
that can inspire and help others.

In 2001, Zack moved to Toronto, Canada with his family in search of a better life. In 2017, he established his social media brand InspireThaGreat that focused on educating and inspiring the youth and culture that grew 180K+ followers and over 100 million views. What started as a dream and an idea grew and touched millions of people all over the world.

Over the years, Zack became a family man as a husband and father of 3 beautiful kids and a business owner of a detailing business that is growing. He currently resides in Seattle, WA with his family.

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