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Pre/Postnatal Health

& Wellbeing program

The prenatal/postnatal program Promotes the Health and well-being of mothers and their children. IFI, in partnership with WOW fitness and Inspire Kids Early Learning Center, provide physical & nutrition coaching services to promote health equity for mothers & their children and improve maternal health outcomes.


Empowering Youth Girl

IFI firmly believes that investing in girls; empowerment means supporting the most
powerful force for change on the planet. It is no secret that a girl is most vulnerable
when conditions are not conducive to her well-being. When a girl is protected and
empowered, her family and community thrive. When a girl's family and community
thrive, the world is changed. By bringing girls together in inspired spaces – on and
offline – we spark exploration and discussion of what's possible. With structured support and access to a strong community, we guide girls towards their unique goals: first by identifying those goals and then building the roadmap to get there: Whether there is college, an internship, a network, or simply confidence – we're there for it and there for

Create family-centered coaching and empowerment services through directly working with families on their unique and specific needs.

  • We use Family-Centered Coaching to bring family strength, motivation, and support into the coaching conversation to set goals. 

  •  Our family-Centered Coaching integrates case management into a practice of service that centers on the whole family. 

  • We recognize that equity is integral to the process. We understand the barriers, stress, and trauma that racism and poverty have on families' lives, we want to fully understand the context of each family life and ways we can provide support


Women's Empowerment and Leadership Initiative (WELI)

This program is created by women for women. As we all know, women are the backbone of our community and are current and future leaders from across the globe. We aim to build a network that empowers, supports, inspires, and connects our members through regular events, workshops, and masterclasses with experts and


Inspire The Youth

IFI, in Partnership with WOW fitness and LOCAL HOOPS, is designed to Develop youth through basketball. We host a one-day basketball champ during summer break for the youth. The program was built specifically to help our athletes get the most from their
dedication. Success Is A Habit.


Childcare/Early learning service

In Partnership with Inspire Kids early learning center (IKEL), Inspire Kids Early Learning center is dedicated to providing quality education for children ages six weeks through Five years of age. The mission for this service is to provide a high-quality program that is designed to meet the needs of the children and their parents.


Teens Entrepreneur Program

(TEP) is free summer entrepreneurship program for high seniors & college freshmen students that focus on entrepreneurships, students are encouraged to participate in one of these programs, regardless of their interests in the arts, STEM, community service, or business. TEP is a great way to learn about the business world and get a head start on the skills requisite for careers in business is to participate in an immersive business summer program. Many universities and other organizations offer summer opportunities for high school students to learn more about the business world and business professions. Here are some of the top programs.  

IMG_1299 (1).jpg

Financial Literacy Program

(FLP) is summer program for school seniors and college freshmen. This program strive to empower students with real-world knowledge about money and investing. We teach students how to create a budget, understand interest rates, use credit cards wisely, manage a 401K and more. These are valuable skills students will need in college, in their careers, and in life.

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