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we are dedicated to cultivating strong relationships to enhance each child's educational journey.

Who are Inspire Family Institute?

Inspire Family Institute acknowledges and invites parents and caregivers to recognize their voice and power to make a change in their lives, the lives of children, and their communities. We do this by working directly with families through our comprehensive and collaborative family engagement services that provide unique and individualized family support with the end goal of self-advocacy, self-sufficiency, and economic independence.

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Strengthen families through the provision of comprehensive and family-centered services.

Encourage self-sufficiency and economic independence through financial literacy training, skill-building and employment, adult education, and advocacy.

Create family-centered coaching and empowerment services through directly working with families on their unique and specific needs.

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Our mission is to work with BIPOC, immigrant and refugee families have the resources, support, and opportunities through programs that provide stability and skills for self-sufficiency.

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